Luigi Ravasi

In Italy we are obsessed with beauty. It is always in our minds, when we are working, when we are building, when we are creating. This is inevitable, as we have lived literally immersed in beauty for more than three thousand years. This is certainly a gift, but also a virtual condemnation, since it compels us to never be satisfied with ourselves, our work, our creativity.

Each of my creations, each piece of jewelry, is thought, designed and made by hand. With the patience, the knowledge and the pleasure that only artisans possess. Which is why each piece will never be like any other.

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Thought by hand

No, this is not a paradox. It’s the way it really is. No computers, just paper and pencil. This is how each of my creations is born. Just as it once was in artisan laboratories prior to the arrival of machines. Those machines that tend to make everything look the same, standardized, one piece identical to the other, just as cold as an industrial product can be.

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I'm so excited, my neck has never been so valued. Thanks Luigi!

Andrea G.

Schönes Armband und toller Service. Danke vielmals

Britta A.

Thank you Luigi, you have followed me very well in my marriage. An exceptional necklace, see you soon

Jennifer D.

Finalmente ho trovato il gioiello perfetto, unico e disegnato su misura per la mia dolce metà.

Riccardo S.

Grande esperienza, professionalità e cortesia.

Camilla G.
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+39 039 990 2366
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